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Code Conversion Service

LassoSoft service offerings now include a code conversion option, as an extension of the Code Audit service.




While converting your code is not onerous, doing it once, doing it right, and doing it efficiently are all hallmarks of an experienced developer. In addition, many businesses owners are more concerned with working their business, than they are with reviewing and improving their systems code. If keeping your applications and systems up-to-date is important to you, and yet you do not have the developers, time, or resources, or, you just want someone to 'handle' this for you - this is where our service comes in.

Let us take the load while you continue to operate day to day with your code!

What you get:

* Note this cost is per system. If you have four discreet systems, built with the same core or framework, the core would be converted under one project, but each extension system or variation would typically be it's own project.

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