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The coolest features of this project.

There are three main elements in this application, 1) plotting location based data, 2) generating photo annexes for reports, and 3) adding/prioritising recommendations for reports. This application was specifically designed to work on 3G connected iPads for data plotting, and other workstation based browsers for editing and photo related tasks. The user selects an applicable icon and places it onto a location on the screen (Google Maps with custom overlays option), a dialogue form appears and additional data is entered relating to the plotted point (e.g. security issue, illuminance levels, etc.). The Longitude and latitude of the plotted location, along with data from the form is submitted and stored in a database. Any existing icons show when a geographic area is loaded and the entered data applicable to the location can be viewed/edited by touching (clicking) the icon.

Where there is a concentration of icons required in the one location, existing icons can be dragged out of the way and will return to their original location when the location is reloaded.

Photos are taken relating to matters plotted on the iPad and are uploaded separately using a simple user interface (including drag and drop multiple photos at a time). Details about the location and subject of the photograph are added/edited inline on the browser. Photos to be including in the report are tagged and stored into the preferred order using drag and drop jQuery techniques coupled with dynamic calls to the Lasso server. Similarly, recommendations are added and cross-referenced to other data and sorted by dragging and dropping on the screen.

What end users experience or say

This application made it possible to complete a major project within an extremely tight timeframe. It simply would not have been possible without the innovative use of technology.

What others say about it

The use of JSON to exchange data between the Laso and Javascript elements of this application demonstrates the genuine ease with which relatively complex processes can be completed with very few lines of code. Jolle Carlestam and Frank Filippone did an extraordinary job getting the application up and running in an incredibly short timeframe and its simplicity meant that the time required for training in the field was also reduced.

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