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The coolest features of this project.

Beetrieve is a reinvention of the survey web service, made into an intuitive web app with an email-like interface. Probably the coolest coding happens in the completely AJAX based module for creating the questionnaire, where the JavaScript front end and the Lasso back end together manipulate and synchronize the XML structure that defines the questionnaire. This XML is then parsed by Lasso into HTML to show to a survey participant when the survey is live.
The back end is 100% Lasso, built from scratch.

What end users experience or say

A few quotes from customers:

- Beetrieve is inexpensive and easy to use.
Paul Bjerke, Researcher, De Facto Inc.

- Incredibly easy to use.
Lars Rugtveit, Masterstudent, Norwegian University of Business

- I'm very happy with the functionality of Beetrieve,
Harald Masst, Management Consultant, Semco Intl.

Beetrieve was created to be a new class of intuitive webapp, that would take something that used to be done in a cumbersome webpage interface, and recreate it in a true, AJAX-based webapp. The low level of support emails and the general feedback we're getting suggests we've achieved this.

What others say about it

The coolest survey app ever!

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