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The coolest features of this project.

Incident and Send Off Reports allow participants and referees to submit reports into the system, which generates PDFs and sends emails to the appropriate authorities. Submissions have extensive validation including field dependencies (e.g., if field A == 'special value', then array_of_values >> field B). Administrators can review reports, render decisions and suspensions, then publish the result to the general public.

What end users experience or say was deployed in the summer of 2011 and it serves to cover over 19,000+ games annually for the NorCal Premier League. The system has been incredibly smooth and referees, administrators and parents love it. It demonstrates the Law and Order in action. Guilty parties (players within the send off report) and (parents/fans/coaches within the incidence reports) are held accountable and it becomes public once the PAD committee reviews the send off and incidence reports.

What others say about it

It has been a pleasure to work with Steve on this project as his knowledge of our sport (soccer) and extensive background as an administrator has served as being priceless in developing this site.

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