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The coolest features of this project.

Solution uses a custom written scheduler (Lasso 9) to check a reports table for reports that need to be run. Reports are able to be scheduled to run ad hoc, daily, weekly fortnightly (means every 2 weeks), or monthly. The report is generated via an Electronic Data Interchange (IDE) connector calling an external security system server - a JSON data exchange initiates the report to run on the external server and once completed, the data for the report is POSTed to the Lasso server using JSON (along with some security and authentication requirements). The Lasso code processes the JSON to create Excel (XML) and/or PDF reports, which are ZIPed and emailed to a nominated distribution list. The Lasso code logs each step of the entire process to provide an audit trail.

What end users experience or say

Being able to have the reports in both Excel and PDF, and with colour coding is a huge benefit. The interface is simple to use to add new reporting requirements and/or update existing reports.

What others say about it

The process makes routine reports extremely simple to schedule at the required intervals, with copies distributed to those that need them, when they want them. The structure of the reports is much cleaner than is possible with the native security software, and using the SecWeb portal to create the reports eliminates the need for training operators on the native software.

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