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Uses for Lasso 

Every day, millions of online users search out information, conduct transactions and enjoy entertainment on web sites that pull data through the Lasso suite of  middleware applications.

It’s the result of 15 years spent perfecting a balance of raw power and ease of use that, quite simply, can’t be matched by any other programming language.

Lasso is, essentially, an application server and a scripting language. Its most common usage involves transferring data from databases to support dynamic web pages but it can also be used for a number of purposes that involve importing and exporting data: report generation, electronic forms, intranets and more.

Who Uses Lasso?

The Lasso community is diverse, far-reaching and crosses multiple industries. Literally, anyone who has a hand in the development and maintenance of a website can master Lasso in a short period of time. It’s the perfect solution everyone from beginning programmers to large IT departments with multiple touch points.

 Lasso’s core customer base includes: 

What They Say

Our most recent survey asked our community for their comments on using Lasso. We receive feedback all the time that developers love to work with it - and their clients love the end result - and we wanted to capture that to share with you too.

See a sample of the overwhelmingly positive responses.

Check out the Testimonials section

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